Brooks Morris was the founder and first conductor of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Thanks to his vision, commitment, and generous spirit, the Orchestra is woven into the cultural fabric of this community. The Brooks Morris Society honors those individuals who have included the Orchestra in their estate plans.

Planned giving offers a variety of estate-planning opportunities that allow you to make a lasting difference in the sustainability of the FWSO while creating a musical legacy and enjoying potential income-tax advantages.

A planned gift is more than a donation, it is an inspiring statement of dedication and trust in the leadership, talent and artistic vision of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

If you have included the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra in your estate plans and would like to accept our invitation to become a member of this passionate group of supporters, please contact the FWSO Development Office at (817) 665-6500.


Ernest Allen, Jr.*
Nancy Lee & Perry R. Bass*
Annette & Jerry W. Blaschke
Marguerite Bridges*
Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd W. Brooks Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. M.A. Cardona*
Electra M. Carlin*
Barbara J. Clarkin
Carroll W. Collins*
Whitfield J. Collins*
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence S. Cooke, Jr.
Juana Rosa & Ron Daniell
Mr. & Mrs. Norwood P. Dixon*
Helene Bare & William Glenn Embry*
Cornelia Cheney & Bayard H.* Friedman
Paula & George Fultz
Thomas O. Gay
Gwen M. Genius
Mrs. Charlotte M. Gore*
Gail Aronoff Granek
Nancy L. & William P. Hallman Jr.
Shawn & Hank Henning
Kathy B. Higgins*
Mr. & Mrs. Eric F. Hyden*
George & Jeanne Jaggers”
Lois Hoynck Jaggers*
Ann & Ronald L. Koonsman
Mr.* & Mrs. Lewis Kornfeld, Jr.


Mollie & Garland Lasater Jr.
Elizabeth H. Ledyard*
Carol V. Lukert
Patty Cartwright Mays
Shannon McGovern
Peggy J. Meade-Cohen
Michael Boyd Milligan*
Linda Reimers Mixson*
Dr. & Mrs. A.F. Murph
Linda Todd Murphy
Dr. & Mrs. James M. O’Donnell*
F. Warren O’Reilly*
Harris Franklin Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Reynolds
Miss Dorothy Rhea*
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Roach II
Mrs. Lynda Shropshire
Kathleen B. & Richard I. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Paul I. Stevens*
Mr. Gerald E. Thiel
Mrs. Philip K. Thomas
Mary D. Walsh*
Mildred G. Walters*
Peter G. Warren
Mr.* & Mrs. John Wasilchak
Hugh L. Watson*
Lynn Wilson
Sylvia E. Wolens*

* Indicates desceased patron(s)