Resources For Teachers

The Fort Worth Symphony performs in targeted local schools, as well as schools throughout all of North Texas. These educational and engaging concerts teach students about symphonic music and are integrated with the core curriculum in unique ways. In addition, the Orchestra provides study guides for teachers to prepare their students for the performance.
Kinderconcerts (Ages 3-6)
Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Fables Study Guide
Discover three of Aesop's fables – The Lion and the Mouse, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and The Tortoise and the Hare – and learn about the important lessons they teach us!
Young Persons’ Concerts (Ages 7-13)
Visions of America
Visions of America Study Guide | Visions of America Playlist
Discover how composers interpret the American landscape and people through music.
Early Elementary (K-2)
Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf Study Guide | Peter and the Wolf Playlist
Join Peter and his friends in the big green meadow outside Grandfather's house as they try to outsmart – and catch! – the hungry wolf.
Late Elementary (3-5)
Six Flags over Texas
Six Flags over Texas Study Guide | Six Flags over Texas Playlist
Discover the six nations whose flags have flown over the Lone Star State in Six Flags over Texas. We'll sample the music of each nation – from France and Spain to the Republic of Texas and the United States – as we review the history of our home state.
Late Elementary through Middle School (3-8)
Musical Math
Musical Math Study Guide | Musical Math Playlist
Hear how the music adds up as we explore tempo, meter, note values and time signatures and their relationship to mathematics!