Job Title: Assistant Orchestra Librarian
Department:Artistic Operations
Reports to:Orchestra Librarian
Employment Status:Full time staff position with health benefits
Effective Date:September 2018
Application Deadline:One page résumé with list of references must be received by July 18th, 2018.
Send all correspondence to

Position Summary
The Assistant Orchestra Librarian will work with the Orchestra Librarian in performing all library related duties.  Hours and days of work vary depending on the responsibilities of the position week to week and will require some night and weekend work.

A degree in music, or equivalent, and at least one year orchestra library experience is required.

Key Areas of Responsibility
The Assistant Librarian will assist with all of the following library duties:

Music Procurement
1. Coordinate with the Music Director and/or conductor for deciding the correct editions of planned repertoire.
2. Arrange for the purchase or rental of materials to meet program needs for the Association.
3. Develop and maintain a timeline for ordering music, with regard to preparation time required and distribution of music within the guidelines of the master agreement.
4. Check all incoming and outgoing music for condition and completeness.
5. Ensure prompt return of rented or borrowed materials and adherence to copyright laws.

Music Preparation
1. Work with the conductor and/or artist and create plan to prepare music according to their specific requirements.
2. Coordinate bowings with string principals and other markings from principal players as needed.
3. Review music to determine if orchestra parts meet acceptable standards: legible parts, adequate rehearsal figures, matched bowings.
4. Prepare music for rehearsals and performances. Responsibilities include: prepare sets of parts with master scores and principal string bowings; mark with available errata and perform basic proofread when required; add adequate rehearsal system; add cuts, edits, and inserts; repair deteriorating parts/scores; correct pagination when needed.
5. Create program and instrumentation sheets for the orchestra and update throughout the production as required.
6. Assemble and disassemble orchestra folders for concert programs with attention to correctness and completeness of materials.

Concert/Rehearsal Duties
1. Coordinate music transport and special music placement with stage manager.
2. Distribute and collect music at concerts and rehearsals.
3. Set conductor's scores and baton.
4. Assist conductor and musicians with changes and/or problems encountered during the production.

Orchestra Library Maintenance
1. Maintain the orchestra's collection of scores and parts; repair and maintain music and folders.
2. Catalogue and file music purchased for the orchestra library, maintain accurate inventory.
3. Track all items borrowed from the library and ensure their timely return.

1. Provide program listings, instrumentation requirements, and other information to staff as needed and requested.
2. Maintain accurate instrumentation records in OPAS.
3. Add repertoire information to planned dates in OPAS for operational planning and historical purposes.
4. Report to the appropriate performance licensing organizations (ASCAP, and BMI) all music performed on all concert series.

1. Maintain a current file of publishers and catalogues.
2. Research availability and cost of music for artistic planning.
3. Prepare materials for orchestra auditions, including coordinating with music publishers on works under copyright.