Symphony patrons may use the Carter Burgess Plaza Parking Garage, one block south of the hall. Valet parking costs $20. Valet drop-off is on Calhoun Street on the east side of the hall and on Commerce Street on the west side. Pickup is on Fourth Street.

Sound Enhancement
Wireless receivers with headphones are available at the bar on the east side of the hall near the gift shop. You will be asked to leave a credit card or driver's license as a deposit. Receivers should be returned after the performance.

Electronic Devices
Patrons cannot be paged. As a courtesy to performers and patrons, please ensure that alarms, cellular telephones, pagers and other signals will not sound during the performance.

Recording Equipment
Cameras and recording equipment are not permitted without express permission.

As a courtesy to performers and patrons, latecomers arriving after the Concertmaster has taken the stage will not be seated until an appropriate break in the performance.

Emergency Situations
In the event of a fire, please use the exit nearest your seat as indicated by an exit sign. In the event of inclement weather, please remain in the theatre for information. The theatre is the safest place to be in this situation.

Smoking is not permitted inside the hall.


Liberal Exchange Policy
If you cannot attend a concert in your series, you may exchange your tickets in advance of the missed performance for any other Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Association subscription concert. We will credit the value of your tickets toward the ticket price of the alternate concert (some restrictions apply).

Donated Tickets
If you are unable to use your tickets and do not wish to exchange them for another concert, please return the unused tickets in advance of the concert. We will be happy to resell your tickets and send you a tax credit.

To Donate or Exchange
Tickets may be exchanged or donated online via our Exchange/Donation form. Ticket donations or exchanges by fax require tearing the tickets in half and faxing a copy of the torn tickets to the Ticket Office at 817-665-6100 Ticket donations/exchanges can be made by phone by calling the Ticket Office at 817-665-6000. Please be sure to have the tickets in your possession when you call.

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