In June 1998 the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Association (FWSOA) performed for the first time in its new home, the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall. Our first complete season in Bass Performance Hall began in September 1998. We are extremely excited about our new home. This Priority Seating Policy is the tool used to determine the method of allocating seats to our patrons for all FWSO events in Bass Performance Hall.

Factors Considered in Priority Seating Policy
The FWSOA is committed to an objective and equitable assignment of seats in Bass Performance Hall. As we have stated in our printed materials since the 1995-1996 season, a variety of factors will determine a patron's seating priority for events in Bass Performance Hall. This seating priority has determined the order in which patron's seat requests are fulfilled since the opening of Bass Performance Hall. This seating priority will also determine the order in which patron's seat requests are fulfilled for all future seasons and events in Bass Performance Hall. All of the factors detailed below will be taken into consideration to determine your seating priority.

Length of Subscription
The number of continuous years you have subscribed since the 1995-1996 season will be considered in determining your priority. 1994-1995 subscribers who renewed for the 1995-1996 season will receive priority over new subscribers in 1995-1996. Any lapse in subscription between the 1995-1996 and the current season will reduce your priority. The 1995-1996 season was chosen as our "Charter Subscription" season because that is the most recent season where our records are complete.

Number of Series
Subscribers to multiple series each season since 1995-1996 will receive priority over subscribers with a single series.

Length of Series
Subscribers who purchase full series will receive priority over subscribers who purchase series with fewer concerts.

Seating Area
Additional priority will be given based on what area of the house you have purchased subscription seats for in each season since 1995-1996.

Number of Seats
A patron will also receive priority based on the number of subscription seats purchased each season since the 1995-1996 season.

Contributed Support
The amount of contributed support to the FWSOA will be considered when calculating your priority. Those patrons who contributed in each season since the 1995-1996 season will receive additional priority.

Additional Factors
Other factors that will be used when needed as tie-breakers, include your volunteer support of the FWSOA and the date your renewal order is received for the season being purchased. Also as a tie-breaker, priority will be given to those individuals who donated to Bass Performance Hall.

Rights of Renewal
Box Tier and Orchestra seats in Bass Performance Hall do not carry an automatic "Right of Renewal" from season to season. When you are assigned seats in these areas your seating assignment is guaranteed for the full season series you have purchased. There is no guarantee that you will be able to retain those seats for upcoming seasons. Seat assignments in future seasons will continue to be based on the Fort Worth Symphony Priority Seating Policy for Bass Performance Hall. If we are unable to renew your exact seats you will be given priority in receiving comparable seats.

Other Factors Affecting Seating Availability At Bass Performance Hall

Designated Seat Patrons at Bass Performance Hall
A number of major donors to Bass Performance Hall ($100,000 or more) receive the right to select their specific seats or boxes prior to FWSOA subscribers. This is a contractual obligation on the part of Bass Performance Hall and we have no control over this.

Maestro Circle Seating
A specific number of seats for each FWSOA performance will be reserved for Maestro Circle Donors to the FWSOA. The purchase of seats in this area will require a minimum donation each year in order to purchase those seats. Any unassigned seats in this area will be made available to our subscribers on an "as available" basis without the right of annual renewal. For more information about joining the Maestro Circle contact the Development Office at (817)665-6500.

Patrons Who Attend With Friends
Where a group of patrons wish to be seated together, the priority of the patron with the lowest priority in the group will apply to all members in the group. It would be unfair to raise the priority of all group members to the detriment of our other individual subscribers.

Number of Subscription Seats That May Be Ordered
You may order as many seats as you wish. Your seating priority position will only extend to the number of seats you purchased for the season preceding the season being purchased. For example if you purchased 2 seats in 1997-1998 and want 4 seats for 1998-1999, the first 2 seats will be assigned based on your priority position and the last 2 seats will be assigned after all other subscriber requests are satisfied. You may choose to give up your seating priority in order to get all your seats together. In this case, your seats would be assigned after all other renewing subscribers but ahead of any new subscribers. This may result in your not receiving any seats in your desired series, day and area.

Right To Transfer Seats
Effective with the 1997-1998 season, subscribers are not able to "assign" or transfer their seats to any other person or entity. If you choose not to renew any or all of your subscription seats, those unrenewed seats will be released to the FWSOA. We will assign those seats to another patron based on our established seating priority policies. You may not sell or otherwise transfer the renewal rights to your seats.

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